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About Link Analyzer

The online link analyzer tool is to generate a detailed link analysis result. So, webmasters or SEO experts can easily figure out the external and internal links to a particular domain. It is also very helpful for webmasters in analyzing other websites that are connecting to their websites.

You can use free link analysis software in a very smart way! Many smart digital advertisers on the outsourcing stage are earning by providing complete link analysis reports for their clients. So you can also take advantage of the tool in a similar way!

What is a link analyzer?

Let’s introduce with a popular topic Link Analyzer Tool which is an efficient online tool that is used to analyze your overall link profile as compared to your competitors. By using this tool, you can also find the web page sources which will be strong to generate links.

Most of the popular search engines aim the links as the indications of reliability or decisions in favor of a specific site. Links with great content also sends a great flow of high-value traffic. Therefore, free link analyzer software has great significance.

You can use the online Link Analyzer Tool to analyze both the External and Internal Links that the search engine bots can easily notice on a particular page of your website. The search engine, like Google, crawl links to index and figure out the internal link structure of a website and the relation between the WebPages.

How to use the online link analyzer tool?

All websites have two types of links which are internal, external. The internal links are those relate to other pages created within a website. External links are links through which a website links to other websites. When the traffic of a website increases, more internal and external links get added to that website. You need a website link analyzer tool to analyze your links.

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The links act like a navigator which enables you to visit the different pages that are on the website. You can visit one page to another without returning to the main page menu or to the main page. Websites have internal links that allow you to take a tour of different pages within a website. Some websites may have ‘external’ links which will take you to a page on other websites.

You can also navigate between two or more websites with the help of the external links on a website. External links on a website usually are in a different color than the main text of the page and will be underlined. For example, if you open a page in Wikipedia the text is black in color and the external links are in blue. This is the way of using it properly.

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2. Press "Submit" button

How does the Link Analyzer work for SEO?

Do you know how many types of on-site links you might have on your website? You will be surprised to know that there are so many different ways to identify the internal links. For example, some people consider this type of links which are so-called incidental pages like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, and “Testimonials”, etc.

Each important SEO review or website survey can do a quick analysis of on-site links. In fact, the on-site link is a key component of any website. It is because wrong placed links, broken links, obscured links, noisy links, etc. can cause chaos for crawlers or the user.

Search engine robots have to spend some more time analyzing the on-site links as compared to the off-site links. After all, you should not totally throw off-site link analysis out the window.


When your competitors are working on the “competitive link research”, you should go through the links on other websites for different reasons. For example, you are trying to achieve links from other websites. Here are a few reasons why you should use link analyzer for those websites:

  1. To figure out where the existing Outbound Links are pointing
  2. To find out how the existing Outbound Links are built
  3. To know how the site architectures are developed

What are the benefits of the Link Analyzer?

The link analyzer can easily analyze internal and external as well as do follow and no follow links of your website. This link checker tool has been developed to provide an easy way of analyzing links to website owners, webmasters, and SEO professionals. The link analyzer shows reliable results that can be used to analyze all the links on a certain website.


All the internal and external links of your website will be shown to you as a list. If your website has hidden links or spam links, then you can use the link analyzer tool to find out these hidden links and spam links. It will also show you which websites are sending you traffic or backlinks.

You can use this website link analyzer tool to target your important web pages, and then improve the other links to get a greater page ranking in different search engines like Google.

Both the quantity and the quality of incoming links cause a higher search engine ranking. It is very important for you to analysis on the competition, prepares a website for optimization, and improve your traffic by analyzing your competitor’s link building techniques.

To serve you with a better and more reliable backlink analysis report for your website, the link analyzer tool will be of great help.

How to Get Follow Links?

The best way to get do-follow links is the first to use the online link analyzer tool. Analyze the results and then set about making excellent and unique content. This content has to get shared and linked naturally.

Another way would be to do guest blogging on a site related to your business and link it to your website. It will develop referral traffic to giving you an SEO boost.

Hard work, writing quality content and posting it on your website is the only main way of getting a greater ranking on Google. Whenever the website industry attempts to fool Google's ranking criteria, it is short-lived.

Google easily find out that something is going wrong and fix it so fast. It is not better for your website engaging in buying malicious links or not checking your website periodically from every aspect.

Keep monitoring your website with a link analyzer and see how many links you have achieved or lost. You should keep trying to gain the industry's trust as that’s where your real competition is coming from.

As a webmaster, your major responsibility is to build trust among your site visitors. Don’t think about what links are good for SEO but focus only on links that are right for your business. After all, that’s why you have built your website. Think of getting links that are good for your business will help you in establishing your brand.

Your links have to play a role to assist in establishing you as an industry authority. If you are creating a link by sharing quality and meaningful content, it can bring you good results and also some excellent links. Your link from popular search engines could get linked to a renowned and established site. Of course, it will surely cause your website's ranking to climb.