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About Domain into IP

People convert the domain to an IP address for various reasons. This is a very simple process and there are several ways to perform the conversion. The process of finding the IP address is performed by searching the DNS (Domain Name Servers) when a match on the domain name is found. This conversion process is also known as DNS lookup, IP lookup.

Domain Name

New internet users sometimes confuse domain names with URL or universal resource locators, and Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses. It is so important to learn the differences between them because these terms are universal. Learning them is also helpful to make them able to use these terms correctly. And it plays a vital role when communicating with service providers, technicians or other people within a professional organization.

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This naming convention is related to a physical address system. People find web pages quite similar to the way that they use maps to find a physical location. Let’s think that if the Internet is like your phone book, and a web page is like a physical building, then the URL will be the specific street address of that building.

A domain name is a piece of information that you enter into a web browser to reach a particular website. When you enter a URL like into a web browser, its domain name is So we can say that a domain name is the human-readable version of an IP address.

IP Addresses

An Internet Protocol or IP address is different from a domain name. The IP address is a set of numerical instructions. It delivers information to the computer but makes no sense to humans. The domain name works as a link to the IP address. It is good to consider the IP addresses as the actual code and the domain name as a nickname for that code. A typical IP address is a string of numbers. For example, it could be Humans cannot understand or use that code. So we can say that the domain name is a part of the URL that points to the IP address.

Why Convert Domain to IP address

  1. You may have to convert Domain address to IP address when-
  2. You want to find out whether two different domains are hosted on the same IP address or not.
  3. You try to know the location of competitors’ websites.
  4. You want to make a comparison among hosting providers of different websites.
  5. You need to migrate your website to another hosting server.
  6. You just want to check the IP address of your website.

Converting Domain Names into IP Addresses

You can enter an IP address into a web browser to reach a website, but it's so much easier to enter its domain name instead of that. Computers, servers and other devices can’t read heads or tails of domain names as they can recognize only binary identifiers. So, the DNS then take domain names and convert them into the IP addresses that enable the machines to communicate with one another. Every domain name includes at least one IP address associated with it.

When you are looking for ways to convert the domain name to IP address, you will find out numerous solutions that will help you in converting a domain to IP. Some of those online solutions will suggest you use either the ‘tracer’ command or the ‘ping’ command. And when you finally involved in finding the IP address, you will feel how exhausting that can be. You can only know the IP address of a website by this process and it will not give you any further information.

But why should you convert domain to IP manually when there's a much simpler solution available for you: the free online Domain to IP converters. Besides displaying the IP address, they inform you in which country the IP address is located as well as the web hosting service provider name.

When the Domain to IP Address online conversion is processed, and you start to analyze it, you will find additional important information shown in the Domain to IP report, which is as follows:

  1. The Domain to IP converter will give you information about the domain name first.
  2. Next, it finds out the IP address.
  3. After that, it shows you the location of the submitted domain's IP address.
  4. And finally, it will provide information about the ISP to you.

This information can be quite tough to find out who your domain's actual service provider is. You can purchase the web hosting service provider located in your area or country. However, your internet service provider can be a reseller for another internet web hosting service provider. So you might be a business house situated in Singapore, yet your site might be facilitated by Australia.

How it Works?

Using this tool you can convert your domain into IP. When you looking for IP of any website or domain, You may use this tool to finding your desired domain IP. Let's see how?

Step-1: Go to

domain into IP

Step-2: Put your domain in the text input option.

Step-3: Press submit button to find your domain IP.

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That's all to find any website or domain IP.

Most of the web hosting service providers are situated in the United States. And the reason behind this is that they can provide cheap hosting services and their service quality is one of the best in the world. Also, their setups are very large and very well managed.

Best Domain to IP Address Converters

IP Address converter tool by RankWatch
Through the Domain to IP Address converter tool by RankWatch, you do not have to worry about any time-consuming processes. You can simply find your result by this tool. This free online URL to IP address converter will process your request, and deliver you the report within seconds.

Domain To IP Converter

This tool helps you to fast conversion of a list of domain names into a list of IP addresses. Simply putting a list of domain names, you can get the IP addresses for the servers they're hosted on.

SmallSEO tools for Domain to IP conversion
SmallSEO Tool uses domain names to search for their favorite websites. They might even write and store them just in case something goes wrong with their machine. They will need this information to know the details about the domain.

Conversion by Sitechecker Pro
It is really easy to convert the domain to the IP address with Sitechecker pro. You will get here the full report with the website IP address and server’s country, city, and region location. Apart from delivering detailed information from URL to IP Address, this converter can be used free of cost. You can use this tool for an unlimited amount of times, and they don’t even ask you for a single penny.

Free converter from Wtools
With this online tool, you can convert a Domain Name to IP. And this tool is free-of-cost.

You can find several other free tools online that can come in handy every time you face trouble with Domain, Content, or Website Management. Moreover, they are all very simple and easy to use.