On-Page SEO: Ultimate Ranking Guide

On-Page SEO

This is 30 On-Page SEO factor to get first page ranking in any search engine. Keep reading and learning the ultimate On-Page SEO guide to get the best result.

In this article, you will learn about On-Page SEO knowledge from root level without any precious SEO concept. We will learn from On-Page SEO basic to expert level.

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On-Page SEO Basic

On-Page SEO is the part of optimizing any website or web pages in order to rank higher and get more relevant visitors or traffic in any search engines. On-Page SEO refers to both the HTML source code and website content of a page that can be optimized.

on page seo basic

In this article, I’m discussing On Page SEO. On Page SEO Tutorial is reffing best SEO Tutorial. Here is all about On Page SEO Tutorial with on page SEO tactics.

On-Page SEO Parts

There are many many On-Page SEO and sub-parts in on-page SEO checklist. I have explained 30 On Page SEO parts in thus tutorial. Firstly, I have divided On-Page SEO in three parts according to importance. There are bellowed:

  1. Crawler/Bot Accessible
  2. User Experience
  3. Content and Value

We need to learn all sub-steps and parts in the crawler/bot accessible part of the on-page SEO checklist. Let’s see more details of these On-Page SEO parts. How to work on that art practically? There are five sub-parts or steps in the crawler/bot accessible part for completing On-Page SEO. All are given below with the best explanation with on page SEO tactics.

Crawler/Bot Accessible

Crawler bot

Meta Robots Tag Allows Crawling

Meta robots tags are used to allow the crawling of any website or web app in any search engine. Meta robot tags can connect or disconnect any website with any search engine. These tags can define whether your website can crawl or not.

meta tags

There are many types of meta robots tags. I have explained the most useful meta robots tags.

Let’s see.

Index: Index meta tags are for allowing your website or website to crawl. If you use this tag on your website, your web page starts crawling. So, if wanna crawl your website or page? You must add this tag in your header file or every page of your website. Follow bellows code below, how it work inside the header tag?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name="robots" content="index" />

Noindex: Noindex robots meta tags are used for block indexing of any website. If any website owner wanna block his/her website from crawling any search engine. They can use this meta tag in the header file like bellows code snippet.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

Follow: Follow tags are use for follow your website. Tell search engines to follow your website. This code also can be used inside the header file.

<meta name="robots" content="follow" />

Nofollow: Nofollow tags are used for blocking your website. Tell search engines to nofollow or block your website. This code also can be used inside the header file.

<meta name="robots" content="nofollow" />

Noimageindex: Noimageindex tags are used for block indexing any images of any website. Noimageindex robots tag can define whether your website image will be indexed or not. Follow bellows code below for block indexing of your website image.

<meta name="robots" content="noimageindex " />

Noarchive: To prevents a cached copy of this web page from being available in the search results. Noarchive robots meta tags can define whether your website is stored in the archive or not.

Nosnippet: To prevent a description from appearing below the page in the search results, as well as prevent caching of the page.

Robots.txt Crawling

Robots.txt is the most important file of On Page SEO checklist. I’m describing about robots.txt file in this On Page SEO tactics. Robots.txt file will allow the bot to cache or crawl your website.  Also you can define an individual page will crawl or block. If you don’t allow to crawl your website?


You can define it inside your robots.txt file. Follow bellows code snippet below for allowed or crawling. I’m writing about, disallowing any code. I’ve used an online robots.txt generator to generate this code.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /admin/
Disallow: /cgi-bin/

URL is included in the sitemap

XML sitemap is the most important part of On-Page SEO. In XML sitemap, you can define your website cache or not any search engine. You must use an XML sitemap inside the root folder of your website. Online XML sitemap generator helps you to generate XML sitemap.

XML sitemap

Schema Markup

Schema markup is the most important On Page SEO part specially for product or service related website. To show your product or service in search result page, you may use this on page SEO tactics. It’s very easy to get schema markup code from Google. Follow some easy steps to complete the task.

schema markup code from Google

  1. Go to: https://www.google.com/webmasters/markup-helper/u/0/
  2. Paste your website URL
  3. Select your website type
  4. Press “Start Tagging” button
  5. Select text & assign for items.
  6. Press “Create HTML” buttons.
  7. Select J-Son D or Microdata from drop down
  8. Press “Download” button


HTTPS or SSL is most important for on page SEO. Now a days, voice search volume is increasing day by day. Most of the internet user searching their items using voice search. If you wanna get this large number visitor? You must set SSL in your domain or website. You will get another benefit, trusty level in visitor end.


User Experience

User experience part mean, your website visitor end SEO task. If you couldn’t fill up your visitor requirements? You will miss your visitor and loss your website income. So you should manage and fix some user level happiness for on page SEO. Just follow bellows user experience SEO terms.

Meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

In this step, You should meets the content accessibility according to various search engine. Mean, you didn’t get better SEO result by missing or avoiding content accessibility. So follow search guide line for getting better output.

Responsive Design: Same content and links

Responsive design or responsive website is most important in on page SEO tactics. If you didn’t finish your website in responsive view? You will miss large number of visitor. Because of now a days, smart phone user is increasing day by day. So your website should have same view all device like mobile, tab, laptop and desktop. Otherwise you will miss your website visitor. As a result you loss your website SEO ranking. So, get all device view and maximum visitor, create your website in responsive view.

Responsive Design

Multimedia: Evaluate or describe media

there is proverb, “One multimedia item is better than thousands of text“. If you write details about any topics and include any picture or figure of this item, It will be 100% appropriate. Otherwise, only text can’t explain your mood or idea. So we should use more multimedia like image, figure and graph in any website for increasing SEO ranking rapidly.

Not only images but also you can use video about your topics. Video is more effective multimedia to increase rank of your website. Use more than 5 images each article or content. Specially, I always use more than 10 images in maximum content.

Page Speed: utilize CDNs, compress images and use reliable hosting

Page speed is important option to get better SEO ranking. If your websites page speed is high, visitor will see your contents very fast. So speed can increase your website visitor according to SEO theory. So you should increase your website page speed. You can increase your website speed by using CDN, compressing images and use a reliable hosting.

compress images

CDN’s:  CDN’s is a technology or system to add your website scripts like CSS and JavaScript. You can decrease your website loading time by using CDN.

Compressing Images: Images compression is very important task to decrease website loading time. If you use large images, your website wouldn’t load fast and will lose your visitor. Let’s compress images online without any charge.

Reliable Hosting: Reliable and fast hosting is user end SEO task. If your hosting is slow, you will lose your gathered visitor for slow loading issues. So you must purchase a reliable hosting online to fast load.
purchase a reliable hosting onlineOn-Page SEO: Ultimate Ranking Guide 1

Integrate social sharing buttons

Social sharing button will increase your website visitor rapidly. If you add social sharing button in your website, you’re existing visitor can share your content in social media and it will increase your website SEO ranking.

social sharing buttons

Use Small Paragraph

Use small paragraph in your content. Never use long paragraph, because of short or small paragraph is better than long paragraph to get ranking in any search engine and visible to visitor.

Active voice and small sentence

Active voice and small sentence will help to visitor for reading easily. Active voice and small sentence is user and SEO task.

Content and Value

Keyword Research: Search Volume, Competitor

Keyword research is core task of On-Page SEO. You can tell it heart of on page SEO tactic. By researching your targeted keyword, you may start your first step of On-Page SEO checklist. In keyword research duration you should follow high search volume and low competition. Also follow keyword geo location like country, zone, language etc. If you fail select your targeted keyword? You will miss your visitor and lose your SEO ranking for bounce visitor.

Keyword Research

Unique, high-quality content

Most popular search engine Google said that, “Content is King”. That’s mean; any SEO expert can’t reach his/her SEO ranking without high quality content. Unique content is first material or item for getting high rank in any search engine.  Never rewrite or spin content for website. Copy content will decrease your website SEO ranking rapidly. So we will write better, unique and high quality content for getting best SEO result.

high-quality content

Start title tag with keyword

Title tag should start with focus keyword. If you can’t consider this step? You may lose your expected SEO ranking. So always try to use focus keyword in the first part of title. It may help you to complete On-Page SEO. Follow bellows example, “On-Page SEO” is focus keyword in this title.

Example: On-Page SEO: The Ultimate Ranking Guide 2020

title optimization

Add modifier to title: Best, guide, review, top, year

Add best, guide, review, top and year in SEO title. This modifier will increase your on page SEO ranking. There are more modifiers like this modifier. Modifier will use according to your website niche. Follow bellows example, “On-Page SEO” is focus keyword in this title.

Example: On-Page SEO: The Best Ranking Guide 2020

SEO friendly URL

SEO friendly URL is most effective SEO part of on page SEO checklist. There are two types URL. One is Ugly format URL anther is SEO format URL. Follow bellows example.

Ugly format URL: www.website.com/news=?/id=5050

SEO format URL: www.website.com/news/on-page-seo

seo friendly url

We always try avoiding ugly format URL and using SEO format URL. URL should be smallest and focus keyword base. Never try to add more than focus keyword in SEO friendly URL.

Attractive meta description

Attractive meta description will increase your website visitor from search result page of any search engine. Visitor can see the details of your content in a short sentence using attractive and best meta description. Follow bellows meta description for getting idea of attractive meta description.

meta tags


Header Tags: H1-H6

Header tags are common and much known SEO tags of On-Page SEO. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6 are header tag. All SEO experts should use each header tag in the website content. Never try to use more than one time H1 tag in you content. Also should use one time each tag for getting better SEO result.

head tag

Optimize images: compress, title names, add alt text

Image optimization is very important part of on page tactics. Never miss any ALT tag of any images. This issue is major SEO mistake issues. File name and ALT tag always contain the image topics and subject. Always use niche related title and alt tag.

image optimize

Drop your keyword in first 100 words

Need to use focus keyword in first 100 words of your content. I always suggest use focus keyword in first 25 words. It may help you to get best SEO result in any search engine.

Internal links/Outbound links

Internal links and outbound links is most important part of on page SEO. Internal links will help you to find more related content of your website. Search engine and visitor both can find more content for internal linking. Outbound links will connect best and related source. Outbound links mention the authentic source of your content. Always try to use natural backlink system both internal backlink and outbound backlink.


Sprinkle LSI keywords

LSI is the short terms of “Latent Sprinkle Intend”. LSI keywords are helping you to getting high ranking of your website. LSI keywords are long term or full meaning of any titles. Like “Search Engine Optimization” is the LSI keyword of SEO.  So we will use LSI keyword in on page SEO.

Post Long Content

Small and little content never can gain SEO ranking. Long content will help to explain any topics with step by step with example. So we never use short content for getting better SEO ranking. Specially, I always use 1200 to 1500 words to get best result.

Long Content

Use Positive or Negative Keyword in Title

To get top SEO ranking, you should use a positive or negative word according to your niche. If your niche is positive, you may use positive keyword. If your niche is negative, you may use negative keyword. You may find positive keyword list and negative keyword list from here.

Use Power Word in SEO Title

Power words will help your content to get top ranking on any search engine. Here I’ve attached most popular power word list to find easy.


In conclusion, on page SEO is also called on sit SEO. I have try to explain all in one according my level best. Ask your question using comment option, If you have? I’ll try to solve your problems as soon as possible.


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