7 Essential Tips To Grow Your Website’s Domain Authority

Grow Your Website's Domain Authority

Domain authority is the talk of SEO town. But, what is it, and how do you increase it?

Good domain and page authority are required to make any website stand out in SERP. You might have heard this one already, but seldom do you hear people talking about the actual process.

Mainly because there is no actual process since it all depends on various elements.

Search engine optimization, in general, is a sum of various elements that come together to help a website rank higher.

So, how do you get past that line? What do you need to build domain authority in the first place?

Let’s dig in:

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a score that tells the likelihood of a website ranking higher in search engines. The higher the authority, the higher the chances.

However, these DA scores of websites are a product of various critical elements; one of them is the website’s spam index.

In other words, how many blackhat or whitehat SEO tactics does one employ in their content or overall website optimization.

While this index is usually 1-100, websites with 70 or above are usually considered high-authority websites.

So, why is it effective? Why is it necessary, and how do you check it?

Why It’s Effective

Good authority scores help your website rank higher in SERP (search engine result pages).
Stats suggest that only the top-10 results of these SERP queries are effective since many users don’t look past them—let alone head to the second page.

domain authority

Good DA scores are effective because they can help you ensure that you end up in the first few results.

Checking It

Checking DA is quite a straightforward process. You need to go on a DA checker and paste the URL of the website you wish to check.

This tool will give you all the vital information, including page authority and spam index as well.
7 Essential Tips To Strengthen Website’s DA.

Growing a website’s domain authority isn’t a straightforward process. For instance, you know there’s a finish line in a race.

To generate good DA scores, you need to win many other races on the track of SEO.

Therefore, it’s imperative to understand a few essentials of website optimization, as well as SEO tactics, to be able to garner a high DA score.

So, we went ahead and analyzed each element of SEO and made a list of essential tips to strengthen DA scores. Here they are:

1. Importance Of A Good Name

Domain authority leads with your website’s name. Therefore, if your website’s name is something overly complicated, it’s never going to be easy to index it.

For example, you’re a writing service provider, then something like this wouldn’t fare well:


It’s too long, and it’s highly unlikely to become a common keyword/query. On the other hand, something like this is ideal:


It’s simple; it implies the same thing and is effective.

2. Create Content You Can Interlink & Backlink

Writing good content is critical, but creating content you can backlink is even more important. That’s why you need to focus on writing content that features certain keywords from within your domain.

link building

This will allow you to interlink/backlink from within your domain. Moreover, the content you post on other domains, i.e., guest posts, you need to backlink those as well.

3. Remove Orphan Pages & Broken Links

Orphan pages are within your domain, which is not linked to any other pages on your website. These pages are more harmful than useful, so get rid of them.

Broken Links

Then, the same could be said about broken links. So, if your content has links that lead to nowhere, instead end up redirecting or causing a breakage, then get rid of them too.

4. Focus On Your On-Page Content

This practice ensures each of your pages within your domain performs on an optimal level. On-Page content is one of the key essentials of any online marketing strategy.

On-Page Content

For building DA, their importance is even higher. That’s why you need to create content with the best on-page SEO techniques.

5. Guest Blog And Allow Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the leading practices in SEO marketing today. It helps you garner your target audience, and it also helps you build your digital PR.

Guest Blogging

For domain authority, its importance is undeniable, as it helps you garner viable backlinks.

On the other hand, you need to allow guest blogging on your blog. It will help establish your website as a dependable name in the business by allowing other bloggers to post and backlink content from your domain.

6. Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed- On Desktops & Mobile Phones

One of the significant drawbacks between your website and good ranking will be the page loading speed. If your website isn’t loading properly or speedily on mobile phones or desktops, then that needs to be fixed.

Website's Loading Speed

Try certain AB testing elements to find out what’s stopping your website from loading optimally. Then, fix those elements to ensure your website’s loading speed is up to standards on both desktops and mobile devices.

7. Promote Your Content Through Secondary Channels

You need to try out-of-the-box elements to draw traffic to your website. The more you remove organic traffic, the higher your DA authority will go.

So, try using social media networks or email marketing tactics. These two necessary essentials will help your website draw traffic from secondary channels—besides search engines.


These tips can help you grow your website for higher DA. In the end, it will come down to how well you use on-page and other SEO tactics.

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